The silk "Régate" lingerie set features delicate strapping and a lingerie harness.

Orchid Corsetry- About Us

At its core, Orchid Corsetry is about chasing femininity, power, and indefinable allure in the wearer and object itself. A bespoke corset is an enigma, it says a lot about us and will embody a different set of reactions and emotions in each and every owner, for some it is confidence, pride and sensuality. For others a corset is a set of delicately embellished armour that protects its wearer from the everyday. For everyone, it is an exotic pleasure unmatched in this world or the next.


Designer and creator Bethan Billingsley is the artistic force behind Orchid Corsetry, starting the company at the age of 19 after slavishly claiming her skills through years of self tuition and experimentation. The dawn often saw her stalking back to the sewing room. Too excited by an idea to sleep, and eager to test out her growing abilities. Her sought after work is inspired by a wealth of sources from classic gothic culture, strict Victorian silhouettes, early silver screen glamour and showgirls through the ages. With a background rich in fine art, Bethan draws from visual references as varied as Anselm Kiefer, Grayson Perry and Brian Froud, with a real penchant for the ethereal, mysterious and fragile world of fey.

Model Roswell Ivory wearing First Light sheer underbust corsetand lingerie

Roswell Ivory wearing First Light sheer underbust corset and lingerie.


Nine years on, Orchid has evolved from being a small local enterprise to being a globally recognized source of elaborate and captivating artistry within the discerning circle of corsetry aficionado’s. Returning clients clamour for new pieces, and newcomers eagerly await the arrival of their first Orchid Corsetry creation, a dream made flesh.

Each corset is crafted at the studio in Shrewsbury, gazing out at rooftop level over the chimney stacks of the medieval town. A space filled with afternoon sunlight through the summer, and a building steeped in local history- it even has its own ghost story.

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