Ordering a bespoke corset can seem an alien process to many people. The majority of us will never have owned an item made entirely from scratch and to our requirements before – even wedding dresses tend to come in set styles and sizes, altered to our needs later on. So as you browse the website and consider your corset specifications, let us talk you through the ordering process for a unique and personal Orchid Corset.

Step 1 is our very first conversation. We will talk about the ideas you already have in place, identify what areas you may benefit from some guidance and talk through the possibilities of what has been laid out. In your first contact it’s helpful to give us as much information as possible about:

Your previous corset wearing experiences, covering whether any previous pieces were custom-made, any problems you’ve experienced or areas you would like to work on with this new corset.

Your requirements for the new corset. Do you prefer overbusts? Will this be a daily training corset? Will it act as bridal underwear, designed to blend in beneath a fitted dress? Is the corset a costume piece, being taken off on stage? Each different purpose changes the way we approach your order, and the advice we give.

If you have already identified a style on the site that you would like us to use as a starting point, this is a good time to let us know, as well as a brief description of your body type, and what you would like the corset to do for you. For instance, “I’m quite slim, but pear-shaped, and would like to define my waist further, while controlling my hips and flattening my stomach.”

Let us know any design specifics that have already appealed to you, such as a fabric, a shade, or a theme and style that sums up your needs for the piece.
If your order has a deadline or a preferred date of receipt, please inform us at this stage so we can plan ahead for overseas shipping, or extra time for mock-ups. Brides – remember that if your corset is to be used as shapewear beneath your dress that your maker will need the corset before they can begin fittings or alterations.

Step 2 will see us refining your options for a style that fits your needs with the fabrics and styling that you love best, talking about options such as different fastenings for the corset that may better suit your figure, or methods of lacing to compliment a quick change of clothing backstage. We may discuss the pros and cons of different boning techniques in relation to your needs. Samples of your chosen fabrics will be available, and we will finalise your approved corset design.

Step 3 will involve us looking at your measurements, or making arrangements for a personal fitting if that suits you best. We have a set of instructions that will help you, with the aid of a tailor or careful friend to get accurate results without travelling to us, and in this way we are able to work with our overseas clients with flawless results. Your finalised choices and measurements will then be sent to us as a completed order sheet, along with a deposit of 1/4 of your confirmed price to secure your place in our waiting list. You will be advised about the current turnaround time of your corset at this time.

Step 4 is where our work really begins! We can now draft your personal pattern and lovingly construct your bespoke corset in our Shropshire studio.  When the finishing flourishes have been put in place you will be invited to clear the balance of your order so that we can post your new treasure to your door.

Notes on order time

As you can imagine, a garment as complex and personal as a bespoke corset does not spring up overnight. For those who are new to the process, each element of your corset is ordered in from specialist suppliers around the world. Add to this the reassuring fact that any sought after maker has a waiting list, composed of eager new clients, and established satisfied customers, and you can see that an order needs to be planned in good advance of your expected receipt. We see this time as an opportunity as it makes sure that we have a thorough understanding of your needs as our client, and that we are serving your best interests. We promise not to rush your order, but endeavour to have it with you in as timely a fashion as our high standards and careful work allows.

An expected order turnaround for a bespoke corset order is typically 8-10 weeks, which does not include shipping time, and can be affected by factors such as the number of mock-ups required for your chosen style, or level of hand embellishment you desire.

 Notes on pricing

We do not offer specific pricing structures alongside the styles shown on our website because every order is treated as fresh. You are welcome to select images, styling and themes from our site to inspire your order, but we will never assume that your needs will be the same as other Orchid Corsetry customers. A clear price will be discussed with you when we have discussed all the many facets that will make your order unique, and guideline costings are available upon request. If you have a query about how to achieve your dream corset within your current budget please get in touch.