12 Panel Underbust Corsets

Looking for the matching lingerie set to complete your outfit? Discover the “En Régate” and “Dusk” bra and panties here.

These could be described as Orchid Corsetry’s staple design. A 12 panel underbust corset offers its wearer a delectable silhouette, and its essential structure can be transformed into any number of charming styles, whether you desire a simple, functional piece for everyday wear, or a longline Victorian inspired extravaganza, with matching silk ruffled suspenders and feather fine lace trim. Some fine examples of this style include Sloth and Avarice from our seven deadly sins range, and our chic Nouveau design.

The 12 panel underbust is a well loved training corset, using a recently updated cut to offer even more distinctive curves and form. This style is a good all-rounder, suitable for many figure types and lifestyle requirements.

12 Panel Underbust Corsets At A Glance

•  Prices starting from £550 for a classic 12 panel underbust.
• A classic Victorian underbust style, versatile and now with an updated cut.
• This corset is a great piece for daily wear or waist training, making excellent foundation wear.
• Suitable for many different figure types.

To provide you with an accurate quote for your desired bespoke corset we will have to discuss your needs and the way you’d like us to proceed with your order, please feel welcome to start the conversation through the link to your right.

You can learn more about the construction of your corset here.

Model wears sheer black underbust corset and matching lingerie.

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