14 Panel Underbust Corsets

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The 14 panel underbust is a progressive and sophisticated corset design that offers its wearer a whole new experience in subtle shaping, giving you more sculpted contours and greater sensations of thrilling confinement. Having more panels allows the corset to flow around your body with greater ease, working with your figure with finesse and grace. These underbusts are the choice of the experienced tightlacer, who can sense the refinement that such alterations offer. The 14 panel underbust also makes an excellent training corset, it is supportive and graceful in cut, designed to smooth the lower abdomen and encourage good posture during wear.

This corset is now available made in a specialist pure silk or cotton mesh for warmer climates or more discrete shapewear beneath clothing. Some of our clients use these light and breathable pieces for night wear as it allows such effective ventilation of the skin after a long days tightlacing.

14 Panel Underbust Corsets At A Glance

•  Prices starting from £600 for a perfectly sculpted 14 panel underbust.
• Additional panels and a well evolved design create a sleek and glove-like fit to this corset style.
• A supportive and well engineered training corset that encourages good posture and flows elegantly over the body.
• Can be made in pure silk or cotton mesh for warmer climates.

To provide you with an accurate quote for your desired bespoke corset we will have to discuss your needs and the way you’d like us to proceed with your order, please feel welcome to start the conversation through the link to your right.

You can learn more about the construction of your corset here.

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