Longline Overbust Corsets

For some time Orchid Corsetry have been creating variations of the classic longline corset dress . This was beautifully expressed by our most recent examples taking a sensual twist on everyone’s favourite animated seductress.

These stylised pieces were evolved from the thigh and knee length corset styles we have been creating for our clients for years, each a fascinating study in contour and suggestion. A thigh length corset prevents the wearer from sitting down, but instead of hindering walking, it encourages smaller steps for a more feminine gait. A very well-liked style for our cross-dressing and fetish clients as the corset can be worn alone to a club, maybe with a pair of fully fashioned stockings to complete the outfit. We can even make longline underbust corsets or waspies if preferred, teamed with a pussy-bow shirt for a chic ensemble.

Longline Overbust Corsets At A Glance

•  Prices starting from £1200 for a distinctive longline overbust corset dress.
• Also known as corset dresses, these corsets extend below the tops of the thighs, sometimes to the knee for a more restrictive and encompassing garment.
• These pieces are available as overbust, underbusts or waspies above the waist, with or without garter attachments.
• It is not possible to sit down in these pieces- they are designed for show, rather than everyday wear.

To provide you with an accurate quote for your desired bespoke corset we will have to discuss your needs and the way you’d like us to proceed with your order, please feel welcome to start the conversation through the link to your right.

You can learn more about the construction of your corset here.

 Miss Anne Thropy wears a red silk longline overbust.


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