Ribbon Corsets

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Since these stormed onto our site, they have been an overnight success. The ribbon corset is highly practical as well as being a visually striking piece, it is exceedingly light weight and cut back on all non-essential bulk, yet it retains an integral strength that will surprise even a seasoned corset connoisseur. These factors make them ideally suited to night wear for waist trainers on a 23/7 tightlacing programme, not to mention a great alternative to shapewear beneath your clothing.

The shape of a ribbon corset is highly distinctive- unlike our other corset styles, this is made to set lengths, as many waist cinchers are, using a pointed, longer centre front length of 10.5″ with a high cut hip, giving a side length of 6″. This traditionally allowed for greater ease of movement for active wearers, and is an indispensable feature for many modern lifestyles.

Many of our clients who want to experiment with tightlacing have made their first steps with this very style, and every one of them has returned, ready for the next stage. The satin and silk ribbon pieces are suitable for reductions of up to 4”  and there is also the option to upgrade to sturdy grosgrain ribbon for up to a 6″ reduction and for a more durable everyday wear piece. A vibrant and varied colour palette is available to choose from, so please drop us a line with your preferences.

Ribbon corsets are also available as part of our waist training kits.

Ribbon Corsets At A Glance

•  Prices starting from £350 for a beautiful, versatile ribbon corset.
• Available in either double sided satin ribbon for a decorative and feminine appeal, silk satin for pure luxury or strong and long lasting grosgrain ribbon for regular use.
• Ideal wear for hot climates, night time waist training and lightweight shaping under clothing.
• A cincher style corset with a high hip cut to allow freedom of movement for active lifestyles.

To provide you with an accurate quote for your desired bespoke corset we will have to discuss your needs and the way you’d like us to proceed with your order, please feel welcome to start the conversation through the link to your right.

You can learn more about the construction of your corset here.


Navy ribbon corset and matching navy lace lingerie.

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