These terms and conditions apply to ordering a custom corset through Orchid, please take the time to read through and understand the responsibilities we both undertake in creating a corset to highest standards. If you have any queries please feel welcome to contact us.

General Terms

Measurements provided by the client are to be taken according to the instructions provided by us at the start of an order. Any inaccuracies resulting are the responsibility of the client. If there are doubts or concerns about any measurements they should be brought up with your point of contact upon provision.

It is vital that you make us aware of any changes in size that occur after providing final measurements as swiftly as possible. Later in the process we may be unable to alter work, or to do so may incur additional charges to account for time spent making alterations to the pattern or fit.

Similarly if it is the intention of the client to lose weight during production or after the corset is completed we should be informed prior to starting work so that the appropriate advice may be given.

Once a fabric choice has been finalised by acknowledgement of the client it may not be altered except in minor details such as trim. In the event that we are informed early enough to effect a change the client may still be charged for the original fabric or trim choice if expenditure has been made to accommodate the original selection.

If deadlines are provided to the client, for example for procuring measurements or finalising fabric choices, to enable us to meet a short timescale for a project, these must be met for our initial agreement to be valid. We cannot commit to meeting a deadline if information is not provided at the designated time.

For overseas orders with a client specified date of receipt, we are only responsible for allowing a reasonable delay for postage in the lead time of the order. We cannot be held accountable for delays by customs or other organisations.

Customs charges for overseas orders are to be paid by the client. Any orders returned due to unpaid fees will have an additional shipping charge to be resent. Please make yourself aware of the fee structure for import duties in your country and allow for this in your budget.

Parcels will be posted to the PayPal confirmed address if no other arrangement has been made. Please ensure you have your correct address listed or resent parcels will incur a secondary postage charge.

Any personal appointments made for fittings, collections or any other purpose must be confirmed in advance, attended on time and any cancellations made 48 hours or more previous to the agreed time. These appointments will be charged at the stated price which is due on the day of the meeting or before, regardless of whether the commission is accepted and are non refundable.

In the event of returns being sent to the studio, this transaction must be confirmed with us in writing prior to the parcel being sent. All return postage costs are the responsibility of the sender and the parcel should be sent with the correct insurance to protect against loss. All parcels sent to the client will also be sent by the appropriate postage method and fully insured.

Payment is due in two main stages, though additional payments can be arranged for “lay-away” orders. A deposit of 1/2 of the total fee is due when measurements and fabric are confirmed. This must be received for the order to proceed. The remainder of the fee balance is due prior to completion and postage of the finished corset and orders cannot be sent before full payment is received.

Our accepted methods of payment are PayPal (which may be used for card payments), cheque and bank transfer. Cheques must arrive in time to clear funds before expected date of receipt.

Any third parties that we collaborate with for a coordinated order are to be dealt with as separate entities with regards to their own terms and conditions. Whilst we can provide contact details for associated partners who we have previously worked with successfully, the client must make their own choices about who they wish to work with.

You will be advised of our lead time upon enquiry as this fluctuates at times of high demand. An order cannot be placed on our schedule until the deposit is paid.

In the event that you wish to cancel an order after officially confirming it, we may be unable to refund you the full amount paid to that point to account for materials purchased and time spent on your order covering communications, pattern drafting and production of your corset. The price of each corset includes these services and the deposit covers such eventualities as services rendered.

Should you be dissatisfied with your order please send us written notice and wait for confirmation before any returns are sent along with photographs of the problem area if appropriate. We must be notified within 7 days of registered receipt of the corset if you intend to make a claim. Acceptable reasons for returns are as follows-

-Measurements differ from agreed sizes at order placement or agreed alterations confirmed in writing after order confirmation.

-Fabric or trim choices differ from confirmed order sheet or agreed alterations provided after official order confirmation.

-Order differs in any way from confirmed order sheet or agreed alterations.

-Quality of workmanship is in reasonable dispute.

Any returns must be confirmed by us before a refund is processed. Our assessment is final on all decisions. Damage, intentional or accidental, by wearer or in transit will be noted and a refund will not be issued. If a claim is disproved the client is expected to pay return postage. If measurements are incorrect as a result of client mis-measuring or not informing us of changes to size we cannot be held responsible.

Communication on important matters such as alterations to aesthetic choices or measurements should be followed up in writing if made first via phone call. Our preferred method for all communication is email, and we request that this is used as a first port of call where possible.

Where an order differs significantly from our advertised styles visual references must be provided with clear instructions as to how the order is desired.

Clear information on components used and standards of quality we work to is provided on our website. Please make us aware if your needs differ.

In written and verbal communication all members of staff expect to be treated with courtesy and respect, a favour which we return to all our clients.

Please ensure that any images/content shared with us contain no nudity or content that may offend. In instructional images displaying the results of a remote mock-up fitting please ensure that you are attired in modest underwear.

We reserve the right to withdraw services if these terms are not adhered to.

Orchid Corsetry, 2015.