Fabric Selections

Underbust corset with silk swatches
Swathes of vibrant colours await your selection.

Step Into A World of Colour

The perfect fabric can be the starting point for a timeless corset for you to treasure. We can offer many unusual and varied shades in silk, satin, coutil and lace but consider this a small palette for you imagination to feed on. If you see a shade that gets you thinking, please contact us for samples, or to enquire about a more extensive selection.


Our corsets begin life with coutil at their core, but many people are unfamiliar with it. Coutil is a traditional corsetry fabric, densely woven to ensure strength and durability for tightlacing. The classic herringbone coutil is pure cotton, though fancier, brocade versions are available with delicate patterns and glossy finishes.


For summer tightlacing or an ethereal sheer finish, why not consider mesh? We offer silk or cotton bobbinet (as used in Dior couture) which makes a light, breathable garment for warm climates. For a more contemporary look we also offer a man-made mesh fabric with a filmy finish. These materials layer up beautifully with lace or contrast accents.


An endlessly popular option. If you’re seeking a vast array of shades with textures ranging from satin soft to ruggedly slubbed then silk can satisfy your needs. Silk also offers the possibility of blending two colours for an effect that ripples over the contours of the body- a second skin that glows from within.


A satin corset is a boudoir staple, especially where silk satin is concerned. Our duchess satin has a sleek gleam that captures the light romantically, and is deliciously smooth to the touch. Many luxuriant shades are available to choose from, the perfect partner to a touch of couture lace.


Lace can be used to highlight the figure, scatterings of applique that drift across the hips and bust. Or a whole corset can be wrapped in it’s splendour, an effect that works particularly well with mesh corsets. We stock Sophie Hallette lace but have access to other beautiful French lace, of the highest quality.


For a special occasion, you may want to add a little more flourish to your corset. Perhaps pairs of traditional flossing at the tips of the bones, or our signature graphic line detailing. Dew drops of Swarovski crystal could glisten discreetly on the couture lace applique that adorns the bustline of your corset. The only limit is your imagination.