Placing A Bespoke Corset Order

Silk, lace and sketches
Combine opulent shades with refined lace for a trousseau style heirloom corset

Your Journey Starts Here

Ordering a bespoke corset can seem an alien process to many people. The majority of us will never have owned an item made to our specifications before. Even wedding dresses tend to come in set styles that are altered to our needs later on! So as you consider your options, let us talk you through the ordering process for a corset you will treasure.

Step 1

…is our very first conversation, and we want to know all about you! If you’ve owned corsets before, tell us if they were off-the-rack (not made to your measurements) or bespoke. Talk about any fit issues you’ve experienced, or styles that work well for you. If you haven’t worn a corset before, don’t worry! Let us know what has brought you to us and what has inspired you. Images are always helpful! Remember that concise emails are the most clear ones- keeping on topic helps me to work out what is relevant to your order.

We will also want to know about your figure type to identify the best corset style for you. “Size 12” doesn’t tell us much, but phrases like “full hipped” “athletic” “small busted” are really helpful. Any specifics such as the waist reduction you currently take, or your bra size are really valuable too. Don’t forget to tell us if you plan to lose weight!

Step 2

…When you are sure you want to go ahead we will direct you to our bespoke design pathway. This is effectively a down payment against the final value of your corset that tells us you’re committed to the process! We can then begin refining your options for a style that fits your needs with the fabrics and styling that you love. We’ll talk about options like fastenings for the corset that may better suit your figure, or keeping your corset discreet under clothing. We will look at different boning techniques in relation to your needs. Samples of your chosen fabrics will be available, and we will finalise your corset design.

Step 3

…will involve us looking at your measurements, or booking you in for a personal fitting. We have photo instructions that will help you to measure at home if you can’t visit us in person. Your finalised choices and measurements will then be sent to you as a completed order checklist! After this, a deposit of 50% confirms your order and your place on our waiting list. You’ll be advised on the turnaround for your order at this time but on average we work on a 4-8 week timescale.

Step 4

is where our work really begins! We can now draft your personal pattern and lovingly construct your bespoke corset in our Shropshire studio.  When the finishing flourishes have been put in place you will be invited to clear the balance of your order so that we can post your new treasure to your door.

Order Turnaround

As you can imagine, a garment as complex and personal as a bespoke corset does not spring up overnight. Each element of your corset is ordered in from specialist suppliers around the world! We see this time as an opportunity to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of your needs. We promise not to rush your order, but endeavour to have it in your hands as quickly as our high standards allow.

An average order turnaround for a bespoke corset order is typically around 4-6 weeks, which does not include shipping time. Remember that this varies with factors such as the number of mock-ups required for your chosen style, or level of hand embellishment you desire.


We offer a guide price on each bespoke style featured on our site which includes our essential construction. Prices vary with luxury outer fabrics, embellishment and extras like suspenders. We are happy to offer a quote for your individual order, and will advise you of any choices that affect the total as we plan your corset. The final price is provided for you before the order is confirmed, so there are no nasty surprises!

For those looking to spread their payments, we can offer lay-away options, spreading the cost over a 6 month period.