Feminine Corsets for Men & AMAB People

Feminine Corsets For Men

Weaving Dreams

We’ve been making feminine corsets for people of all genders for almost as long as we’ve been making corsetry. Though the bespoke process is completely fluid and flexible to any needs, this page is just here to remind you that you’re welcome however you identify and however you choose to present. We have had 15 years of experience in working with those who were assigned male at birth and are transitioning, men who want to explore a more feminine side of themselves, as well as those who are dysphoric. We understand how to work with your body and give you the results you’re looking for, in an environment focused on dignity, discretion and design excellence.

It’s uncanny how a bespoke corset can enhance the figure, and softly suggest the curves and rounding of a feminised body. Many of our clients are astounded at the instant alterations that can be achieved, even without regular training. There is a subtle art to creating an illusion from the lightest of reductions, and we pride ourselves on mastering it, and using every trick at our disposal to offer our clients a breathtaking alternative view of themselves.

  • A feminising corset in silk satin
  • Feminising corsetry in blue silk

Graceful Curves At Your Fingertips

Our styling can be as dramatic or as practical as you wish, and we look forward to offering you a service that is not only welcoming and helpful, but personal and completely geared to your needs, feel encouraged to ask any questions you may have.

We are also proud to offer innovative and elegant fetish and bondage corsetry, including punishment corsets, corset dresses and locking corsets. All are designed in consultation with you to specifically meet your lifestyle requirements and to enhance the figure while creating an intense experience during wear.

Each feminine corsetry commission we embark upon is unique and reflects the most intimate self of the wearer through exquisite craftsmanship.