Fetish Luxe Collection

Fetish Luxe

Couture For Unforgettable Encounters

Orchid have an affinity with striking, feminine fetish design that retains its elegance and grace, stepping outside the well-loved “uniform” of black, red and purple to discover a more personal exploration of desire.

All our Fetish Luxe pieces are built to a heightened, discerning level of craftsmanship, using up to twice the number of measurements required for our standard designs. We also include toiles and personal fitting in each commission to account for the finesse of fit we strive for, aiming to create a true second skin for each wearer.

Fetish With Femininity And Flair

Our galleries showcase some of our previous designs, but each bespoke commission will be entirely led by you.

Your corset could be a rigid, fully locking and restrictive punishment corset, but executed in the most romantic pastel shades. You may want a pony play ensemble in elegantly architectural style, designed to challenge the wearer. We can offer designs to assert your dominance, to overwhelm the senses, to represent your unique desires.

Each will be carried out with the same enthusiasm, committed artisan practice and finesse. It is a privilege to be allowed into this most private sphere of our client’s lives, and we take the confidential nature of such work extremely seriously.