Overbust Corsetry

Overbust Corsetry

Where Corsetry And Daydreams Meet

When one falls in love with corsetry, an overbust is usually the first piece that the heart falls for.

They can embody such opposing feelings; power, vulnerability, desire, fragility.

Our overbusts grow from a foundation of good fit. We include one to two toile fittings for both of our core styles so that before we’ve started work, you can have confidence that the fit and cut are exactly to your liking.

These are complex styles that require skill and flair to bring to life, and we take pride in giving your ideas shape.

We have two main overbust styles, which take the form of your styling and shaping choices. We are always delighted to advise you on how best to achieve your desired results, so if you have any questions you can always contact us.

Princess Seamed Overbust

The classic overbust style. Vertical seams sweep across the body, elongating and enhancing your form. We can make a princes seamed overbust work beautifully for fuller busts by increasing the number of panels to give a smooth and supportive fit. This style can be made by remote toile fittings (though in person appointments are recommended where possible) so is suitable for our international customers.

Cupped Overbust Corset

A cupped overbust corset is a thing of beauty and complex engineering. This style allows us to lift and support the bust for a rounded, separated look that is very popular as foundation wear for bridal ensembles as well as for a structured lingerie look that feels luxurious and looks timeless. Our most technical style, and one that demands in-person fittings for the heavenly fit you deserve.

  • Back view of chantilly lace overbust

You can read more about our standard methods of construction here.