Specialist Corsetry

Taking It To The Next Level.

Specialist corsets are an opportunity to step outside the familiar expressions of corsetry and to create something astonishing.

In this category we deal with styles like corset dresses and corset bodies, both of which play on the sensual nature of tightlacing, and the emphasis of the feminine form.

There is no hiding the fact that these are not practical garments- but for creating an impact, for weaving a seductive spell… there is no substitute.

Corset Dress

A corset dress typically reaches to the tops of the thighs, or just above the knees. In this style, the hips are framed to perfection, and draw attention to the narrowness of the waist.

A knee length corset is restrictive, and prevents all but the tiniest of steps, but a thigh length corset offers a thrilling middle ground. It restricts movement, but just enough to ensure that the wearer takes delicate, lady-like steps. This has proved a popular feature with our cross-dressing clients, and BDSM enthusiasts.

Corset dresses can have a waspie, underbust or overbust top line.

Thigh length overbust dress modeled by Chilli Chapel, shot by Sally Sparrow
Cerise waspie dress modeled by Anita De Bauch, shot by Sally Sparrow
Scarlet silk corset modeled by Miss Anne Thropy, shot by Damona Art

Corset Body

A corset body extends between the legs, creating a fascinating hybrid garment with excellent smoothing properties across the lower abdomen. This style feels deeply feminine and sophisticated, an architectural piece of lingerie.

The elongated centre line of this corset creates a narrowing effect at the waist, and can be made with a waspie, underbust or overbust top line.

High hip corset body and scarlet silk corset modeled by Miss Deadly Red, shot by Julian Kilsby
Coral silk detail corset modeled by Gina Harrison, shot by Sally Sparrow