Training Corsets

Cotton mesh corset stealthing

Tools For Tightlacing

By far, our best sellers are waist training corsets. These pieces are built with the intention of regular, daily use, sometimes supporting up to 23 hour wear by our clients, where tightlacing only stops to accommodate exercise and bathing.

But for many clients, waist training is less extreme, using disciplined wear to reach and maintain a tightlaced goal size or a wasp waisted silhouette.

We can create corsets that are breathable for hot climates, that lie discreetly under clothing, that support back complaints and work to create flawless curves that sweep, cinch and flow.

Training Corsets

Our waist training corsets usually take their form from one of our three main underbust corset styles, which is developed to suit your individual needs and goals with a unique pattern made from your precise body measurements.

All our corsets are built with durable traditional materials at their core and feature high quality steel components, selected to work with your physique.

We are used to working with first time waist trainers and experienced tightlacers alike, so feel welcome to ask for guidance on what we would recommend for your needs.

Prices start from £600 for a 12 panel waist training corset.

Waist Training Starter Kits

For clients who are looking to build up a corset wardrobe for safe and hygienic tightlacing, we offer our starter kits. These are flexible and can include whatever styles you wish, in whatever quantity best suits your plans.

A typical waist training start kit would include an underbust training corset built to your specifications and unique measurements with a ribbon corset which can be used for night-time waist training as part of a 23/7 tightlacing discipline, or for wear in hot weather.

We also include a feather light silk camisole liner which acts as a washable barrier between your skin and the corset, and protects skin from chafing during extended wear.

Other warm weather/ night training options include our mesh corsets which can be made in our 12 panel or 14 panel style in a breathable silk or cotton mesh fabric.

Prices start from £1175 for a starter kit that includes a 12 panel underbust, ribbon corset and silk camisole.

Perle underbust in black mesh


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