Underbust Corsetry

The Perfect Canvas For Your Inspiration

A bespoke underbust is an essential garment for the corset lover. We recommend that most newcomers to corsetry start with this classic style because of their versatility and comfort. They make excellent foundation wear, shaping your body into an ecstasy of curves that leaves a natural bust-line. However with a touch of design flair, you have a garment you will want to show off as often as possible.

An underbust can feature as a part of your favourite ensemble to create a fresh new look. They also allow you to showcase matching lingerie alongside your corset, we can design a piece to tie in with your favourite set if you wish.

We offer three main underbust corset styles, each designed to work in harmony with a different physique. The shaping and styling at top and base of the corset can be designed in many different ways to suit your needs.

12 Panel Underbust

Classic, refined and a pleasure to wear. This could be described as Orchid’s staple design. It suits most figures and is adept at creating curves even on figures without significant natural definition.

The front panel shape offers a smoothing effect to the abdomen and this adaptive style suits regular tightlacers and beginners equally well.

Edwardian underbust

The romantic traditional shaping of this style is always popular. Its distinctive lines help to create the illusion of a narrower waist, and the low hip hugging shape draws the focus to the fullness of the hourglass.

Typically this style would be made for the “apple” shaped client, where the waist is larger than the underbust and there is less definition at the hips, it also works very well on AMAB bodies where we might have less of a distinct waist to hip ratio.

  • Bespoke Shadowlands underbust corset in scarlet silk with black lace detail.
  • Vala sample in caramel and gold

14 Panel + Underbust

The 14 panel + underbust is a progressive and sophisticated corset design. This style is built for delectable flow over naturally curvy and plus size physiques. With fuller figures we can see beautifully graceful definition by going to 16 or even 18 panel designs, I have even made a 20 panel corset, complex and swooping.

Having additional panels allows us to create a more subtle 3D shape as the corset moulds to your body, forming an elegant and supportive cut. This is also an excellent style for wearers who have progressed to an extreme tightlaced silhouette.

  • Miss Miranda wears a sheer ivory underbust corset.
  • Perle underbust in black mesh
  • stealthing silk mesh corset
  • Close up of "Athena" silk underbust corset by Orchid

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