Ivory Flame and Gingerface model in ribbon corsets

Delicacy That Compliments Your Cinch

Waspies are the perfect accessory for a corset lover. Our ribbon corsets and waspies are comfortable, compact, ideal for layering over clothing and a wonderful base for a daring fabric or elaborate embellishment.

The waspie shape is characterised by a cut that skims the mid-rib line and the high hip, making a corset that is dainty but powerful in it’s cinch. Unlike our other bespoke styles these waspies are made to set lengths, though the body circumferences will be unique to you.

A waspie can also be a practical choice. Ribbon corsets are light and breathable in warm weather, as are our waspies, made in a silk or cotton mesh. Both are recommended for night-time training as their high hip line and low rib line allow for movement and comfort. Our breathable construction also allows your skin to recover from a day in your corset.

Ribbon Corset

These unusual waspies are a fabulous aid to the waist trainer. Built from 3 solid fabric panels per side, the areas inbetween are created from a web of overlapping ribbons, creating curves out of straight lines.

A ribbon corset is a great way to showcase colour, with a wealth of shades and textures to choose from. These can be layered in alternating stripes, or carefully chosen to blend through from light to dark.

Ribbons are available in grosgrain (sturdy and durable for greater waist reductions and regular use) or silk ribbons (exquisitely luxurious, but best suited to special occasion wear)

Prices start from £475 for a ribbon corset made with grosgrain ribbons.


The petite appearance of a waspie conceals a powerful force for waist reduction.

Our waspies are based on our 14 panel underbust style, so they are perfectly equipped to flow around your curves with ease.

These corsets can be decorative, ready to crown an elegant ensemble. They can be made in the sheerest mesh as part of a lingerie look, or made in sturdy coutil to be worn day to day under your clothing.

Our prices start at £600.

Perle underbust in black mesh


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