Corset Lovers Gift Guide

It’s the time of year when our thoughts turn to how best to surprise our loved ones with a gift that will be unexpected, thoughtful and will delight throughout the year to come. We hope this gift guide will offer you some inspiration as you browse your options.

Ivory mesh underbust corset with ivory silk detailing.
Ivory mesh underbust with ivory silk detailing.

Option One- Limited edition set-size mesh underbusts
These are a great choice when you’re buying for someone who doesn’t have a recent bespoke pattern made with us, as you only need to choose the appropriate waist size for sizing. We’ve tried to make things simple to help with gift ideas for these pieces, which allow you to choose black or ivory mesh for the base corset, black, gold or silver for the busk and eyelets and your choice of one-off silk colours for the boning accents, waist tape and binding. Each option can only be used once, with only nine pieces available. Each corset will be sent with a card detailing which number you have commissioned, confirming that there will never be another like it. These elegant and flattering underbusts are available in waist sizes 20″-34″ at £400.

Gift Voucher on Stand

Option 2- Gift certificates
No gift guide would be complete without them! For many people, the challenge of making all the necessary choices for a bespoke order is a daunting one, no matter how well you know the person you are choosing for. A gift certificate allows them the freedom to decide if they would like to visit for a fitting, indulge in some handstitched lace applique, or go for a bold new colour option. Our £100 gift certificates are ready for immediate dispatch and can be used towards lingerie, personal fittings, bespoke corsets and more.
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Model wearing a red silk corset body
Scene One- Avec Plaisir
A scarlet silk chastity corset body with coral fan detailing and locking shoulder straps.

Option 3- Sybarite’s Awakening
Our latest collection of bespoke corsetry is the ultimate in luxury, using silk satins and elegant contemporary styling to create sensuous fetish and bondage corsetry, take inspiration from these strong winter looks in designing a treasure for you and your partner to indulge in. A booking for a personal consultation, possibly with lunch at one of Shrewsbury’s excellent restaurants will set the tone for a romantic and personal commission.
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If you have any questions about how we can make your loved ones day special please don’t hesitate to contact us.