Gilded Cages- New Corsetry Collection from Orchid

For several years, Orchid have been working behind the scenes on some seriously raunchy boudoir wear. We have created fully locking, restrictive S&M corsetry, that in most cases, can be stripped back to an unassuming training corset for daytime use, a knee-length hobble corset, a fully encompassing body corset as well as collars, cuffs, harnesses and hog-ties. All executed with our trademark essence of quality, in-depth craftsmanship and attention to detail.

“Gilded Cages” was born from the inspiration and technical challenges that these commissions raise, but combined with an obsession for pleasing textures against the fingertips, delicate and feminine design that enhances our finest features, and transforms the beautiful into the glorious. There is no more intimate garment than a corset designed to work alongside and play a part in your fetishes- imagine the thrill of donning your second skin in preparation for your encounters- restraint points just where you need them, cording to allow you more freedom of movement, subtle interplay between luxurious materials and elegant bondage.

This new range is here to inspire your own fantasies in silk satin. We invite you to come to us in confidence, to collaborate on something truly unique to you and your needs, and to stop making do with goods that were built for someone else’s ideals. After all, what could be more important than expressing your purest self?

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Our gratitude and thanks to the people who made this everything that it is- and without whom it may never have happened

Darren Athersmith

Miss Miranda

Missy Fatale

Waifs and Strays

Nelson Bespoke

Last but not least, my incredible partner, who helped make garters at the last minute when time was tight, chauffeured models, kept us fed and watered during the shoot and went in search of “tit tape” in the name of the cause.