New Lingerie Samples On Tour With Ryo Love

I’m really fortunate to get a lot of amazing new images of my work as it travels between models and photographers, but it was a special privilege to pack Ryo Love off with these new lingerie samples when she visited for a recent shoot with Salleh Sparrow (I was reflector girl for the afternoon!) Partly because I adore Ryo and the enchanting sophistication she manages to mingle with a cheeky mischievous streak but also because it was a great opportunity to see how this set worked out in the flesh. I never imagined I would get back a set of images that inspired me as much as these shots from Iamsuko, a Cardiff based photographer who created these images with Jade Pointon weaving magic with Ryo’s hair.


Black and white shot fo Ryo Love in our new lingerie set.
The Fall. Whispers of silk cross the skin. The touch of smooth satin under your fingers.

I thought it would be nice to share this half stage of design development with you, and to talk about how this new lingerie set will eventually end up. I wanted to create a new ensemble with more structure, more of a sultry feel, and more daring cuts. A half cup bra has been on my to-do list for some time, and I loved the idea of softening the exposure with plunging deep scalloped lace that gave just enough coverage but still enticed and enthralled with promise of a reveal.

The bra is underwired with a non-padded, slightly stretchy cup of duchess satin, topped with one of my favourite new laces in our studio- a really ornate eyelash fringed style that highlights the skin behind it beautifully. I trialed a double strap cross-over back on this bra but even before I’d tried it on the model I knew it was going to be necessary to return to our usual three supportive straps! The panties are currently being redesigned as this cut doesn’t quite work how I want it to at the moment- The dramatic shape of the lace scallop is lost once the piece is stretched around the torso but a few tweaks should let me showcase that to perfection. I may include a waist strap that keeps the central lace peak upright, or I may entirely change the way the lace is used on the front of the briefs.

Close up of Ryo Love wearing our new lingerie set
Sinuous straps encircle the throat while a wave of lace clasps the breast.

Another piece that I’ve been keen to move into the main store is a statement suspender belt. Again, using the gleaming duchess satin and cut-away lace, with a harness attachment that can thread under the bra with the suspenders slid between the skin and panties so that everything can be removed while leaving this enrapturing garment to adorn the body. I wanted to keep this piece delicate and sensuous, but as with the panties I do need to find a different way to showcase the lace front that gives me more control over how it sits on the body without detracting from it’s impact.

Colour image of Ryo Love wearing our bra panties and suspender belt by Iamsuko.
Cloaked in gossamer veils, embraced by straps and lace.

Receiving these images from Iamsuko helped me to see beyond my current frustrations with the niggles I need to fix and my lack of time in which to do them (though my new sewing room at home holds potential to open up more time while detracting significantly from my social life!) They helped me see through the imperfect present to a set that is imbued with sensual energy. The use of the floating fabric in these images gave a tremendous power and poise to the feel of the shots, and calls you to imagine the whisper of that silk crossing your skin, the firm clasp of the harness about your throat. I really hope that soon I will have the completed set to share with you, which will also include a few larger cup sizes than our current range. Till then, happy lacing.