New Style- The Eirlys Silk Mesh Waspie

Eirlys is now live in our online store! You can claim yours here.

Ivory silk mesh underbust corset
Ivory silk mesh underbust corset.

Silk Mesh- What Are The Benefits?

Our bespoke clients will already know the benefits of silk mesh corsetry. It is supremely breathable and helps you regulate your temperature in hot weather. It’s slight “give” means that it flexes with you as you breathe and, for those of us used to solid fabric that holds us so tightly, it can feel like you’re barely wearing a corset at all! But our construction means that this corset will hold you curves, cinch your waist and provide a flattering, enhanced figure you will want to show off. It also makes the perfect stealthing corset!

So after a lot of interest on social media, it seemed like it was time to make silk mesh available for our standard size clients to try out! The Eirlys is available in black or ivory silk with your choice of zip or busk fastening, though we can also provide a light golden beige mesh in cotton rather than silk, which we will be adding to the site when time allows to make a sample! If you’d prefer this option just contact us.

front of Eirlys silk mesh waspie

Is The Eirlys Right For Me?

I have noticed a lot of brides to be choosing our standard size corsets for their bridal shapewear, and truly, this is the ultimate under-dress corset. When made with a zip front fastening (or no front fastening at all) it will sit discreetly under clothing and give you the curves you want without discomfort for those unused to corsetry, and without adding bulk beneath your gown. This is also great for tightlacers who prefer to “stealth” or wear their corsets beneath their clothing without detection!

Something that has introduced a lot of our regular waist training clients to silk mesh is it’s suitability for night time waist training! For those who sleep in their corsets, different considerations play a part- for instance, wanting something that will let their skin breathe, that won’t make them overheat and disrupt sleep, and if you’re a wriggler, something that allows good movement! For this, a natural mesh waspie is ideal. It ticks every box!

The only people who won’t be especially taken with the Eirlys are those who want a really firm hug from their corsets, or those looking to train a wasp waisted rib shape. The slight movement in the silk means it doesn’t really compress like a coutil corset would, and this means it moulds more to your rib and hip shape than a coutil corset which is more capable of moulding you!

We hope you’ll love this new style- although it’s perfect for Summer use, it really is an all year round treasure, and a wardrobe staple with a simple elegance that you will love to wear.

Do you have any questions? We’d love to hear from you, just email us at

Back of Eirlys waspie