Postcards From The Orchid Corsetry Studio- July 2014

In the postbag from the Orchid Corsetry studio this month- exquisite bridal corsets, fresh springtime colours and a re-imagining of the classic scarlet silk corset.

Summer is always a busy time at the studio, we tend to be working on deeply personal and intense projects with our summer brides (occasionally including a last minute request!) as well as our regular waist training clients requiring new pieces as they progress ever closer to their goals. This can mean that there isn’t much time to stop and smell the roses, but with such especially beautiful and original orders passing through our hands this month, we just had to find the time for a few snaps of the outgoing corsets. I hope you like this month’s glimpse into the world of Orchid Corsetry, in sunny Shropshire.

A close up of Orchid branded boxes, with a bridal corset resting on top.
This month has seen the release of our latest branding update, including a new style for our overbust boxes and a refreshed logo on the website. You can also see some detail from a bridal commission I was particularly pleased with this month- misty blue satin, delicately embellished with hand cut cream lace appliques, which are intertwined with silk boning channels. Distinguished and sophisticated, with more than a little romance.
A recent commission from our Gilded Cages range, made in scarlet satin and indigo lace.
A really striking example of color and combined materials, this commission was inspired by our Modest Intentions corset from the Gilded Cages range. Scarlet silk satin is paired with double deep purple silk boning accents and painstakingly matched indigo lace, used to create flowing cameos over the front panel.
A close up showing the lace matching over the back panels and modesty panel of an underbust corset.
A further detail from the Gilded Cages commission, over the back panels the indigo lace was cut to flow subtly over the modesty panel, maintaining a match while showcasing the delicate fronds of eyelash lace. What a pity it all gets covered up by lacing!
Details from an ombre silk corset, fading from golden yellow to ivory with different coloured silk suspenders.
This was a great month for unusual and exquisite commissions, and this was a first for me. A silk ombre corset inspired by the client’s spring bridal bouquet, with the warm hearts of narcissi peeking out. The tones fade in and out, from golden yellow to cool ivory and back again, with the silk covered suspenders taking their colour from the part of the corset they match up with. The splash of juicy orange is only visible from inside the corset, an intimate detail hidden from everyday view.
Image showing the subtle colours from the silk ombre corset fading in and out.
The fresh and dewy spring green of the binding and boned modesty panel gives real focus to the gentler shades of yellow and cream that can be seen rolling in and out over the body of the corset here.
An image of the Orchid studio with boxes waiting to be posted.
A little experiment with photo filters while waiting to post the completed orders brought together this fun little image. The mannequins poised behind the Orchid boxes look as if they had been hard at work on these pieces!