Postcards From The Orchid Corsetry Studio- November 2014

In the postbag from the Orchid Corsetry studio this month- Journeying through the morning mists, sketches and concepts taking wing and the most intimate of garments taking form.

What a month! This has seen preparations for next years shoot becoming a reality as final designs are put to paper for our SS15 theme of “En Plein Air”, as toiles are conceived and fitted to our beautiful model Miss Miranda and accompanying lingerie is created. This process is always more intricate and organic than I am prepared for but as the years have gone by I have grown to relish the flexibility and responsiveness that working on a collection like this demands. It is refreshing to have a brief that we can distort and build upon as the lines of the body dictate to the eye.

There is a little something different in the outgoing mail this month as well, an opportunity to work with a client on the most personal garment, loaded with meaning and symbolism and designed to intoxicate the senses of the wearer. It was an honour to be chosen for such a personal and special piece.

Sketches of corset designs for SS15.
After much deliberation and planning we have narrowed our choices down to 6 looks for our SS15 shoot. This is the largest collection (including lingerie) that we’ve ever worked on, and I feel it will be a strong base for us to showcase our latest ideas and practices. A lot of hard work lies ahead, and every minute will be worth it.
A waist training underbust corset in black coutil.
A smart and sleek waist training underbust in our Edwardian style, made in glossy black tulip coutil to kick-start a client’s new tightlacing program.
A sketch of a cupped overbust corset.
We are currently working on building up a book of sketches and ideas for clients to browse through when visiting us at the studio. Here is an excerpt from the cupped overbust section, where we were playing with ideas for mesh corsets.
A pair of lace panties mid construction.
A great pleasure of working on a shoot is the chance to try your hand at something different, and building up my lingerie skills with some panties has been a lot of fun! This lace was begging for a special project, and I think it has found it’s place.
A view across the Hertfordshire countryside from a train.
Taken as we sped through the clearing morning mists on the Hertfordshire countryside on the way to London, fitting a series of corset toiles and underwear to Miss Miranda.
Close up of a pink silk collar with double locking buckle.
A very special piece indeed. This close-up shows the double locking buckle on a collar and lead set for a client who is planning another ambitious project with us for next year. These buttonholes will neatly slip over the locking loops, ready to fastened with a silver padlock when the time is right.