Corset Lacing And Ribbons


Corset lacing and ribbons, sold by the metre to replace your exhausted ones after many happy hours of tightlacing! Please scroll down for advice on lacing lengths for your corset.

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Without corset lacing we wouldn’t get very far! We supply all of our corsets with strong lacing, but even the best quality materials need replacing after a lot of love. It’s also a great way to refresh your look, add some contrast colour ribbon lacing for an attractive upgrade.

If you need a new set of laces then we’ve got you covered. Choose from sturdy traditional cotton lacing suitable for tightlacing and every day use or beautiful 15 mm wide satin ribbon which is available in a wide range of stunning colours for special occasions. Please feel free to contact us with specific colour requests, but please be aware there may be a delay while they are ordered in, though we always try to source the same day from local suppliers. There are also special colours available in the thicker traditional corset lacing, this is polyester and is priced separately.

Cotton lacing is sent tipped with sturdy metal aglets and ribbon is cut and heat sealed ready for use.

Wondering how much length to buy? On average required lengths are as follows-

Neck corset- 1 metre

Ribbon Corset- 4 metres

Waspie- 5 metres

Underbust- 6 to 7 metres

Overbust 7 to 8 metres

Exceptions to this are if your corset is longer than average, if your corset has a closed front or if you wear your corset with a wider than 2″ lacing gap or with an extreme waist reduction. In which case unlace your corset and measure what you currently have.


We aim to ship your lacing within 2 working days of receiving your order.

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Corset Lacing And Ribbons