Corset Liner Camisoles


Our luscious, adjustable silk corset liners are the perfect companion to waist training and regular tightlacing! A washable and protective layer to use between you and your corset.

Maximum bust in inches/ cm34"/ 86.536"/ 91.5cm38"/ 96.5cm
Maximum waist in inches/ cm32"/ 81.534/ 86.5cm36"/ 91.5cm
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We are proud to offer our purpose built habotai silk camisoles in cerise pink.

These silk camisoles are designed as an homage to period underwear, made from feather-light silk which will literally float to the ground if dropped! This material is cool to wear and the drawstring neckline and waist make the pieces adjustable between multiple sizes. These gorgeous garments also make luxurious pyjama tops for warm weather!

Sizing advice

The corset liner measurements given in the chart are the maximum recommended for the size, however these garments are adjustable by drawstring so will fit a variety of sizes below the given measurement.

Why Do I Need A Corset Liner?

Not everyone chooses to wear a corset liner but they are recommended for regular corset wearers and waist training. Part of the reason for this is that your corset is dry-clean only, so having a washable layer between you and the corset keeps it fresher for longer, and reduces the need for dry cleaning. This also helps to keep your skin healthy by having a clean layer against your skin each day. You can read more about corset care and keeping it clean here.

Another reason for using a corset liner is to protect your skin from being chafed by the corset. This is particularly relevant if you’re using an unlined corset for waist training!

It is advisable to have a clean corset liner on every day!


These items are ready to ship so if bought alone will be posted to you within 2 days. If ordering with made to order items such as a corset or lingerie, the lead time for that item will apply.

Cerise pink corset liner
Corset Liner Camisoles