Heledd Stealth Corset


Heledd- the name of an ancient Welsh princess. A meticulously designed underbust intended to lie neatly under clothing, and be suitable for daily tightlacing. With a focus on quality materials and smooth construction, this corset will be a reliable part of your tightlacing regime. Best suited to medium to longer torso’s.


Natural waist26"28"30"32"34"36"38"
Reduced waist22"24"26"28"30"32"34"

Please note that measurements is within a 1/2″/ 1cm tolerance.

Sizing Advice And Construction

The Heledd underbust is intended for waist reductions of up to 4″ and is suitable for daily wear. We generally suggest you buy a corset 6″ smaller than your natural waist size – this accounts for a 4″ reduction and a 2″ lacing gap, the chart at the top of the page may help you choose your size, but please contact us with any questions you have.

Underbust to waist length- 12 cm (plus a rise between the breasts)

Front busk length- 29 cm

Waist to lap length- 15 cm

Waist to side hip – 12 cm

Your underbust includes:

  • A traditional busk fastening in silver
  • A minimum of 20 spring and spiral steel bones.
  • Finest quality two part eyelets and light lacing cord with spare set of standard corset laces.
  • Front modesty placket and a boned modesty panel suspended behind the lacing.
  • A design cut for smooth curves and discreet wear under clothing.
  • Sturdy cotton coutil fabric and cotton boning channels.
  • Cotton binding.
  • Suspender loops that match with our 20 mm wide removable suspenders with hook attachment, available separately.

Heledd is one of those corsets that look simple enough at a glance but when worn, the full artistry becomes apparent. A great deal of time has been spent refining this piece into our most sleek and practical corset to date, and an investment in comfort and quality. Designed especially for those of you who tightlace regularly (and maybe even waist train) but prefer to keep their corset hidden under clothing. Incorporating all the fine details of shaping that we have developed for our bespoke clients to give the smoothest fits, alongside some construction techniques to reduce elements such as seam bulk and boning profiles alongside a more defined curve.

The shape is a graceful sweeping series of lines, loosely inspired by Victorian cuts with a modern silhouette. The underbust line hugs the breast shape, curving elegantly up to the side bust to eliminate the gap between bra and corset that can cause bulging. Gentle shaping at the upper back also helps to reduce any last hints of bulge for shapewear that all but disappears under clothing. Heledd is cut for generous hourglass curves that keep pleasing proportions and a smooth flowing silhouette, no jarring jumps into the waist line or hip shelves! The lower edge smoothly slides up to the mid-hip, with shaping to help pull the corset taut around the lower belly, reducing the profile of the corset under fitted dresses.

Construction on the Heledd is kept light and airy. A single layer of tightly woven cotton coutil, suitable for warmer weather use and healthy against the skin for regular wear. Seams are smooth and flat with durable cotton tape to house the spiral steel boning used over the main body. Heledd uses 20 steel bones in total to ensure all round support, including a stiff underbusk and sturdy flat steels at the rear. A fully boned floating modesty panel is included, an upgraded version with more pleasing shape. The entire corset is bound in durable smooth cotton to avoid the line of binding being visible during wear. This corset is vegan friendly, containing no animal products.

I’m proud to say that your corset is handmade entirely in Wales by a small, skilled team of sewists who I have personally worked with in perfecting this design. Forget fast fashion – this is thoughtful construction, ethical production and supports a home soil resurgence of the skills we almost lost in this country in the rush for faster, cheaper, more. I believe in this way of doing things very passionately, and I hope it plays a part in your enjoyment of your beautiful corset.


Heledd is ready-to-ship, and typically will be posted within 2 working days of your purchase. If you have a deadline in mind please contact us before purchasing so that we can advise you on your options, especially for overseas clients.


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