Morgan Locking Wrist Cuffs


A heady meeting of comfort, luxury and secure restraint. Locking buckles, quilted silk satin and gleaming brass hardware make for an unforgettable experience. Suitable for wrist sizes 6-11″

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Handcrafted, exquisite tools of desire, the Morgan locking wrist cuffs are luxuriously made with lingering encounters in mind. With deep padding, heavyweight silk satin, secure, lockable buckles and attachment points to allow you to open a world of sensuous restraint.

These wrist cuffs are made with the same care and technical expertise as our corsetry, featuring decadent deep red silk satin as both a quilted outer layer and lining. The cool, smooth silk is the ideal material to glide over your skin, and sumptuous, thick padding ensures that there’s no discomfort to distract you.  Note the graceful hourglass shape of the cuff, dipping in at the centre for a more elegant finish on the wrist, no attention to detail has been spared.

This truly is an elevated piece of bondage couture, allowing you to vary and intensify your play, adding a ceremonial element to your mutual worship. The buckles can be used with or without padlocks depending on your preference, and with the addition of the double ended trigger hook the cuffs can be attached to each other, to a collar, or to anything of your choosing. Pieces like these have hitherto only been available to bespoke clients, so it’s a great pleasure to make them more widely available.

Made in Wales, UK in an exclusively small batch to ensure premium quality and craftsmanship. This colour-way and design may never be repeated, so don’t miss this opportunity for a touch of opulence in your encounters.

Presented in an elegant magnetic closure gift box, ready for you to gift or store your new treasures in.


The Morgan locking wrist cuffs are adjustable between wrist measurements of 6″ to 11″, making them also suitable for slender ankles.

Outer layer – Silk/cotton satin

Padding – 100% polyester

Lining – Silk/ cotton satin

Hardware – Solid brass


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