This set of 6 x 20mm wide suspenders (garters to our friends across the pond) are the ultimate accessory for seduction, and a perfect accompaniment to corsetry. See below for your guide to which attachment to choose!

If selecting gold as your metalwork colour, please be aware that the clip-on attachment option is silver, though hook on attachment is available in gold.

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  • Sewn in suspenders are permanently attached to the corset. This makes them very secure but means you can’t wear the corset as outerwear without them being visible so if you plan on showing your corset off this may not be the best option for you.
  • Hook on suspenders are the most common type you’ll see. They lie nice and flat and have minimal bulk but can be prone to “pinging off” from time to time! However, they are still the best choice for removable straps that need to remain discreet under fitted clothing.
  • Clip-on suspenders are the most secure removable style, but they are bulky, and the clip tends to be visible below the binding of the corset, so they are best for styling where this is not an issue.

Sizing Advice

One size fits all.


This item is made to order and is ready to ship within 2 weeks, unless shipping with another item on a longer timescale.

Options for detachable suspenders