A Bespoke Corset- The Embodiment Of Finesse

A bespoke corset is a rare and beautiful item to own, and a delicacy to adorn the body. Handcrafted using skills tested by centuries of meticulous artisans, brought to you with the most modern advancements in technique and materials.

Orchid excel in the creation of innovative and contemporary corsetry. Every piece is a concoction hand-built from an understanding of your unique needs, to enhance and sculpt the figure into elegant, fine spun lines and to captivate the beholder with a sensual grace.

Each bespoke corset is formed in Great Britain, in Orchid’s Shropshire studio, with the finest materials and latest developments available to hand, while our creative minds work on the next challenge our discerning clientele bring to us. Traditional techniques of fine tailoring and the art of corsetry are at the heart of our processes and the core of all our work. Victorian silhouettes meet vibrant modern silks and fans of steel boning support exquisite fluid arches across the figure.

Orchid’s speciality lies in selecting the materials, processes and construction that will fit in seamlessly with our clients lifestyle and requirements, whether the commission is a light and durable training corset, designed for maximum discretion under daily attire, or a fanciful overbust corset, designed to tantalize under the soft pink lights of the burlesque revue. The styles that we offer are a starting point to allow your vision to take shape, each can be re imagined as needed producing a corset that is a treasure to wear.

So to start your journey to a bespoke corset with the skills of a corsetiere at your disposal, just get in touch. We are always delighted to advise newcomers and will ensure personal attention at every step.

Miss Miranda wears an ivory and green silk corset and ivory silk lingerie.

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